Digital Cutting

Digital cutting is a tailor-made service to give shape to your ideas.

Digital cutting is a tailor-made service to give shape to your ideas.

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What is digital cutting?

Digital cutting is fast and affordable precision cutting and is done without the use of dies. This method offers all of the same benefits as traditional cutting, but uses lasers, blades, and drill bits to allow exact cuts and scratches and creases if needed on multiple materials.

The advantages of digital cutting

The most significant advantage of digital die-cutting is that it does not rely on a die, which guarantees optimum precision.

Shorter turnaround times

Digital die-cutting machines operate faster than traditional die-cutting machines because there is no need to change die shape. This process cuts down on overall production time, resulting in much faster turnaround times.

Cost savings

Since no die shape is used in die-cutting systems, there are no costs associated with making and using a die. This makes the process more cost-effective than traditional cutting.

High accuracy

Cutting with a digital machine is very precise, as it uses lasers, bits or small blades.

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