Save time and labour by trusting us to manage your inventory.

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Managing your stocks at Mirazed

Our combination of warehousing and inventory management is ideal for businesses with recurring needs based on annual, monthly or weekly consumption. Save space and keep your delivery flexibility.

Free up your premises and reduce your costs by entrusting us with the storage of your promotional material. Thanks to our management software, we manage your stocks according to your needs.

We also manage the production of material according to your stocks. Just in time (JIT) and KANBAN that knows us.

Storage: services included

  • Order preparation
  • Minimum and maximum quantity management
  • Backorder and reorder management

Flash always does more!

Our additional services will save you time and money!

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Packaging and Kitting

Save time and space by entrusting us with the kitting of your products.

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Thumbnail Lamination


Take advantage of our many lamination and mounting solutions to highlight your visuals.

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Multi-point Distribution

Get your products to the right places with our efficient delivery service.

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